Charity Society of Nanshan District Carried out a Condolence Activity and Fulfilled its Social Responsibility to Help the Front-liners in the Battle against the Pandemic
Date: 2021-08-27    Source: Nanshan government

  On August 25, the Charity Society of Nanshan District distributed condolence gifts to the staff of Nanshan Sub-district office, showing gratitude for their hard work. People from Civil Affairs Bureau also attended the activity.
  One asymptomatic imported case of COVID-19 was reported in Nanshan District on 20 August. According to the notice, the person lives in Nanhai Building of Nanshan Sub-district. And the building entered a 14-day quarantine period from the early morning of August 20 based on the provincial and municipal anti-virus instructions. Nanhai Building includes two buildings with nearly 700 people in 368 households. More than 100 staffs and volunteers, who come from the sub-district and community workstations, were selected to provide security and service to the people who are quarantined at home.
  In order to boost the confidence of community workers and fully support the their work, the Charity Society of Nanshan District and Civil Affairs Bureau jointly carried out a condolence activity. A worker said, "I feel very warm as a front-line worker."
  It is reported that the society will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, build a platform to unite charitable forces from all walks of life to support the disease prevention and control work.