"The 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China - Discover Nanshan - Yuehai Trip"activity was held on July 31st
Date: 2021-08-04    Source: Nanshan government

On July 31, the "Discover Nanshan - Yuehai Trip" activity was held in Yuehai Sub-district which gathers high intelligence, high-tech and international elements. This activity was jointly planned by the Nanshan District Foreign Affairs Office and the Nanshan District Talent Affairs Bureau, hosted by the Yuehai Sub-district Office and undertaken by the Southwind Social Work Service Center. The activity invited more than 30 international talents from nearly 100 countries, including high-level international talents, representatives of foreign enterprise senior managers, overseas teachers and students from universities, and representatives of young entrepreneurs to visit high-tech enterprises and Nanshan Party Construction Park. This trip aims to let the participants realize Yuehai's development, international environment and advantage of technology, enhance the sense of identity with Nanshan and Yuehai and contribute to the development of the Nanshan.